I The Internet

I became infatuated with the internet while using my Mom's computer to get on bulletin boards in highschool.

Yes, I am that old.

I bought my first Macintosh and I fell in heavy like with the Internet. I spent hours on AOL talking silly nonsense. Dial up per the hour. Ah yes the good ole days.

Oh how I fell in love with the Internet.

I began using it all day at work and all night to build neat things on the web. Flash called to me way before Adobe snatched it up. I built pretty things and moved from print to follow my true love; the Internet. It was brand new and full of love and harmony a lot of moving websites that didn't need to be moving. And I was proud to be a part of it.

I The Internet

It pays my bills, puts food on the table and a roof over my head. I love it more than anything, well other than God, my daughter, my family and air.

I do however love it more than the crazy cat we can't seem to shake.

No cats were harmed in the making of this website, but I did rough up a few gnomes.

Speaking of Gnomes!

The Internet & I had a jolly ole time slapping them around in WOW for a few years.

I The Internet

Nowadays I waste my time work on the Internet.

My love for the Internet has allowed me to build pretty things, & learn how to build prettier things & sometimes I share them.

Apparently the Internet thinks I don't have enough friends, I need to make new ones and be more social. On fifteen different sites. I am not sure where the Internet is going with this. Hmmmm >.> oh well I love you anyway the Internet .

Anywhoo want to be my friend? Follow me if you like, but don't stalk me, that's just creepy.

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